VanGenes® Stool Specimen DNA Collection Kit



VanGenes Stool Specimen DNA Collection Kit 1

VanGenes stool specimen DNA collection kit (with screw-on spoon lid) is used for the collection, transportation and storage of human feces at ambient temperature, which can effectively preserve the integrity of the DNA in the feces, and stabilize the DNA of the intestinal flora and the DNA of the exfoliated cells of the human body.
The product is suitable for use in hospitals, medical clinical laboratories, and home environments. (The porduct is non-sterile.)


  1. High Stability: Preserves stool specimen 15 days at ambient temperatures (5~35℃)during storage or transportation.
  2. High-performance: Prevents the growth of Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria and fungi. Maintains sample homogeneity and eliminates sample variability.
  3. Easy Sampling: A spoon is attached in the screw-on lid.
  4. Easy Downstream Operation: After the DNA is extracted from the preservation solution, it is suitable for various genetic tests, such as PCR, next-generation sequencing, etc.
  5. Safe Operation: Inactivates viruses, enabling safe handling and transport of the resulting non-infectious samples.


Sample Type Stool
Volume 30ml
Material Plastic
Intended to Use Collect, transport and store stool sample
Main Reagents Buffer: 20-50mM Tris buffer(pH 7.4)
Blocking agent: 5~15% BSA, 0.10~0.20% Tween-20, 120~160mM NaCl
Metal chelating agent: 10~20mM EDTA Preservative: 0.090~0.15% NaN3, 10~20 μg/mL Gentamicin
Storage Temperature Ambient temperature (Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.)
Working Temperature 5~35℃ (Preserve a sample up to 15 days)
Expiration Date 12 months


Product Catalog Number
VanGenes stool specimen DNA collection kit (with screw-on spoon lid) ZX-FBG30-10


Registration Number Fujian Xiamen class I medical device record number: 20200357
Registration Type Registration certificate for class I Medical Device (China)
Registered Specification ZX-FBG30-10
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