VanGenes® Saliva Collection Kit



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VanGenes saliva collection kit is used for the collection, transportation and storage of human saliva samples required for DNA gene detection.
The reagent enables long-term preservation of saliva genomic DNA at ambient temperature, and the preserved DNA is intact and non-degraded.
The product is suitable for use in hospitals, medical clinical laboratories, ambulances, and home environments. (The product is non-sterile.)


  1. High Stability: Preserves saliva samples 15 days at 5~35℃ or 60 days at 4℃
  2. Easy Sampling: Non-invasive and painless
  3. Safety Sampling: Oral collect samples. Reduce the risk of infection.
  4. Wide Application: Suits for genetic disease screening, personal genomic testing, disease testing, etc.


Sample Type Saliva
Volume 5ml
Tube Material Plastic
Intended to Use Collect, preserve and transport saliva sample
Main Reagents Tris-HCl, SDS, EDTA, NaCl, dilute hydrochloric acid
Storage Temperature Ambient temperature (Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.)
Working Temperature

5~35℃ (preserves sample up to 15 days)

Below 4℃ (preserves sample up to 60 days)

Shelf Life 12 months


Product Catalog Number
VanGenes Saliva Collection Kit ZX-TYG5-2.0


Registration Number Fujian Xiamen class I medical device record number: 20200358
Registration Type Registration certificate for class I Medical Device (China)
Registered Specification ZX-TYG5-2.0
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