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VanGenes disposable virus sampling tube is used for virus sample collection, transportation and storage. The main part of the product is a collection tube with preservation solution(not sterile). Two types are available: non-inactivated or inactivated.


  • Non-inactivated type:
    1. Keeps Virus Active: Hank's balanced hydrochloric acid solution is added to the preservation solution with virus-stabilizing components such as FBS.
    2. Broad Spectrum Antibiotics: The preservation solution has broad-spectrum antibacterial and antifungal effects.
  • Inactivated type:
    Safety & Stability: The preservation solution with inactivation function contains GITC, Tris-HCl, EDTA, Triton X-100. This product can process inactivation immediately at the time of sampling while maintaining the stability of nucleic acid in virus samples.


Sample Type Swab
Volume 3ml(non-inactivated type)/ 6ml(inactivated type)/ 12ml(inactivated type)
Material Plastic

For non-inactivited type: Hank's solution, gentamicin, amphotericin, FBS, cryoprotectant, biological buffer

For inactivated type: GITC, Tris-HCl, EDTA, Triton X-100

Storage Temperature Ambient temperature (4~25℃)
Working Temperature Preserve the virus sample 48 hours at 2~8℃, for long term below -70℃
Shelf Life 12 monthes


Product&Volume Type Catalog Number
VanGenes disposable virus sampling tube 3ml non-inactivated ZX-VTM10-3.0(non-inactivated)
VanGenes disposable virus sampling tube 6ml inactivated ZX-VTM10-6.0(inactivated)
VanGenes disposable virus sampling tube 12ml inactivated ZX-VTM10-12.0(inactivated)


Registration Number Fujian Xiamen class I medical device record number: 20200164
Registration Type Registration certificate for class I Medical Device of the People's Republic of China
Registered Specification ZX-VTM10-3.0(non-inactivated), ZX-VTM10-6.0(inactivated), ZX-VTM10-12.0(inactivated)
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