VanGenes® cfDNA Preservation Tube



VanGenes Cell-Free DNA preservation tube is a direct draw whole blood collection tube intended for collection, stabilization and transportation of cell-free DNA in plasma or serum and cellular genomic DNA present in nucleated cells.

It is widely used in the collection, transportation and storage of blood samples of pregnant women for Non-invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) , Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test (NIPPT) and cancer early screening.

VanGenes cfDNA preservation tube has been registered with CIBG, Ministry of VWS, Netherlands. It complies with The European Commission’s (EC) In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (EU IVDR 2017/746) and can be used for in vitro diagnostics in EU countries.

VanGens's manufacturing department's Quality Management System has been certificated by POSI against the provision of ISO13485:2016.



  1. High Stability: Effectively avoids cfDNA degradation and genomic DNA release to maintain the concentration of cfDNA.
  2. High Tolerance: With VanGenes proprietary reagents, VanGenes cfDNA BTC preserves cfDNA for 14 days at 6~37℃ or 72 hours in shipment.
  3. Easy Downstream Operation: Extraction of plasma cfDNA and celluar genomic DNA can be accomplished using most commercially available kits.
  4. High-performance Reagent: Anticoagulant K3EDTA and VanGenes proprietary reagents added do not dilute blood samples.
  5. VanGenes cfDNA BTC is a CE marked In Vitro Diagnostic(IVD) device
  6. Wide Application: Liquid biopsies for oncology, infection, prenatal diagnosis, etc.

Scientific Research Articles for Reference

  • Multiple z-Score Based Method for Noninvasive Prenatal Test Using Cell-Free DNA in Maternal Plasma, DOI: 10.4236/ojgen.2017.71001
  • Noninvasive Prenatal Testing for Fetal Chromosomal Abnormalities Using Massively Parallel Sequencing: Clinical Experience from 7910 Korean Pregnancies, DOI: 10.4236/ojgen.2018.83005
  • Statistical analysis of mutant allele frequency level of circulating cell-free DNA and blood cells in healthy individuals, DOI:
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Sample Type Whole blood
Volume 5.0ml / 10ml
Tube Material Glass
Intended to Use Preserve, transport cfDNA and prevent cfDNA degradation.
Reagents K3EDTA and VanGenes proprietary mixing cell protective reagent

Storage Temperature

before Use

Room temperature (6~37℃)
Sample Storage Temperature Room temperature (6~37℃)
Shelf Life 1 year


Volume Type Catalog Number
VanGenes cf-DNA preservative tube 5ml 207121
VanGenes cf-DNA preservative tube 10ml 207122


Registration Number Fujian Device Registration Approval: 20212220076
Registration Type Registration Certificate for Medical Device of the People's Republic of China
Registered Specification 5ml, 10ml
VanGenes cfDNA/cfRNA tube data 1
The left picture above shows that after the second centrifugation, the effect of vanGenes tubes was the same as a branded tube, and the plasma showed clear color.
The right picture shows that ten blood samples from pregnant woman who carries male fetus were collected by using both VanGenes tube and a branded tube . The concentration of VanGenes tube was consistent with that tube.
VanGenes cfDNA/cfRNA tube data 2
The left picture above shows that after 0/3/7 days of normal temperature transportation, cfDNA was extracted from blood samples collected from VanGenes blood collection tubes. The distribution of cfDNA fragments was detected by Agilent 2100 high sensitive kit. So the conclusion is the cfDNA fragments stored in VanGenes blood collection tubes are distributed in 150-260 BP, the main peak is about 170 BP, the main peak is concentrated and there is no impurity peak, the size and yield of DNA fragments meet the expectation.
The right picture above shows that the blood samples of pregnant women were collected by VanGenes cfDNA preservation tubes, which were stored at room temperature for 0/3/7 days. The concentration of fetal cfDNA was calculated by NIPT experimental analysis process. The results showed that VanGenes cfDNA preservation tube could stably store cfDNA in different storage time.
cfDNApic6 cfDNApic6 cfDNApic6 cfDNApic6 cfDNApic6 cfDNApic6

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