VanGenes® cfDNA/cfRNA Preservation Tube



VanGenes cfDNA/cfRNA preservation tube is a direct draw whole blood collection tube intended for collection, stabilization and transportation of cell-free DNA and cell-free RNA in plasma or serum.
This Product is for Research Use Only. Not for use in vitro diagnostic procedures.

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*Notice: since November 2022, the VanGenes cfDNA/cfRNA preservation tube's appearance has been changed to purple style. The old green-style tube is no longer used.


  1. High Stability: The fixative in the reagent effectively stabilizes cell structure, prevents cell rupture and avoids leakage of cellular genomic DNA during the storage and transportation of blood samples.
  2. High Tolerance: Preserve cf-DNA and cf-RNA for 7 days at 10~30℃.
  3. Options Available: Two types of tubes available: 5ml blood draw type (0.9ml reagents added) and 10ml blood draw type (1.8ml reagents added).
  4. Easy Downstream Operation: Extraction can be accomplished using most commercially available kits.
  5. High-performance Reagent: Anticoagulant K3EDTA and inhibitor RNase are added in reagent.


Sample Type Whole blood
Volume 5.0ml / 10ml
Tube Material Plastic
Intended to use Preserve, stabilize and transport cfDNA/cfRNA
Reagents K3EDTA and RNase
Reagents Volume 0.9ml (YLDR-5) / 1.8ml (YLDR-10)
Blood Draw Volume 4.1ml (YLDR-5) / 8.2ml (YLDR-10)

Storage Temperature

Before Use

Room temperature (10~30℃)
Sample Storage Temperature Room temperature (10~30℃)
Shelf Life 1 years


Volume Type Catalog Number
VanGenes cfDAN/cfRNA preservative tube 5ml YLDR-5
VanGenes cfDAN/cfRNA preservative tube 10ml YLDR-10

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